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Making desktop virtualisation work with hyper converged computing

At a time when simplicity, agility and efficiency are IT watchwords, hyper converged computing has the potential to change the way we approach infrastructure, particularly where desktop virtualisation is concerned. So what is hyper converged computing? And what does it mean for IT departments?

Traditionally, separate siloed systems and teams handle storage, servers and the network. A hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA), on the other hand, integrates compute, networking, storage, software and management into a single software-defined system.

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Scale and ease of management

This massively simplifies what is often a highly complex infrastructure environment. The HCIA provides one system managed through a ‘single pane of glass’, dramatically reducing the time and number of employees needed to manage all the different elements. With one vendor for multiple components, there’s only one source of support too.

With a hyper converged computing model, it’s much easier to scale out. Instead of adding more memory, CPUs or storage drives, more appliances are added as the organisation’s needs grow.

With any infrastructure model there are drawbacks that you’ll need to be aware of. In an HCIA environment every component is interlinked and interdependent You can’t refactor the networking components to a traditional project elsewhere. The switch works with the server & storage modules as a distinct system – not as a stand-alone component. The flip side of this, and where Ingram can help model your project costs, is that the HCIA components will have both a lower capital expense and more importantly a significantly lower TCO.

Hyper converged computing and desktop virtualisation

Hyper converged computing has big implications for the success of desktop virtualisation and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs).

Hyper converged computing declutters and simplifies the virtual desktop infrastructure, cutting out unnecessary components, and allows for extremely fast roll-outs. Pre-configured HCIAs remove the need for complex configuration and virtually eliminate deployment errors, reducing the risk of making changes to the infrastructure.

The ability to add extra appliances makes it possible to accommodate new users fast, without sacrificing management control. The modular approach also allows the technology to be trialled and then extended to the whole organisation without scalability headaches. Since each HCIA has a measured, defined level of performance, you’ll know precisely how many new users can be supported, how many IOP’s are being added and exactly the long-term costs associated with the scale-out.

Since HCIAs are configured to provide the best possible performance, this approach helps to remove the barrier of poor user experience that VDIs often face. Managing the desktop environment also becomes easier and less labour-intensive. Updates, patches, configuration and security can be handled centrally, instead of IT staff needing to visit each PC individually.

Deploy virtual machines in minutes

Dell’s HCIAs are optimised precisely for desktop virtualisation. Based on Dell’s leading PowerEdge servers and powered by VMware’s virtualisation software, these efficient and tightly integrated appliances let organisations roll out virtual machines in minutes instead of hours or days.

The pre-configured appliances are extremely simple to implement and scale, and provide predictable performance for every single user irrespective of organisation size.

This complete VDI environment incorporates a full set of management and monitoring tools, and is ideal for organisations that need to directly link infrastructure investments with the number of virtualised users. Zero Downtime Upgrade and Patch Management allow upgrades and patches to be rolled out without disruption to users.

To find out more about how Ingram Micro could help your customers benefit from hyper converged computing, contact us on 0371 973 3000 or

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