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Rugged technology: why increased mobility means getting tough

By now, it’s pretty well established that mobile devices can increase your customers’ productivity dramatically. With an ultra-light laptop, or a fully-connected tablet, staff are free to work wherever they are – whether they’re travelling to an off-site meeting, or working in a coffee shop. Altogether, this amounts to less time waiting to get back to the office, and more time getting things done. The flexibility and freedom this provides can act as a real boost to businesses, and these benefits are already being utilised in every sector.

Rugged technology: why increased mobility means getting tough

But when workers are out and about, there becomes an increased risk of breakage too. It’s far easier to drop or damage your device when you’re on a train, than when you’re at your desk. And with accidents like that, comes the potential for downtime, lost productivity, and repair costs. That’s why many businesses are turning to rugged devices – because when your fleet can withstand the strains of agile working, you save on total cost of ownership.

For organisations like the police – who are already utilising rugged devices – the benefits are clear. By safety-proofing their laptops, tablets and smartphones, they can ensure that communications remain open, and operations aren’t threatened by unfortunate incidents. Although most businesses don’t work to quite the same level of risk, the need to protect profits and ensure uninterrupted productivity can make rugged devices similarly attractive.

It’s also important for organisations to consider the customer satisfaction aspects of device failure. If staff are on their way to meet a client when their PC malfunctions, causing them to be late, or fail to deliver the promised work, businesses could lose far more than just an afternoon of productivity. In a world where ruggedised devices are becoming more common, this type of service error will increasingly become unacceptable.

The difference in reliability with consumer-grade technology is striking, too. Research carried out by IDC has suggested that standard devices fail three times more often than their rugged equivalents. What’s more, rugged devices average 46% lower total cost of ownership.

With all of the above in mind, it’s clear that ultra-reliable laptops, tablets and smartphones have the potential to add huge value for customers – both in terms of peace of mind, and tangible costs. Despite the initial outlay being larger, due to the relative expense of ruggedised devices, the medium and long term savings make them the safe choice for almost any modern business.

Ingram Micro have been the Dell Distribution Partner of the Year for the last two years. If you’re interested in implementing ruggedised devices, get in touch with them today.

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